About Kingpin Luxury Events

If luxury is what you want, Kingpin Events is what you need.

Prioritising glamour, class and exclusivity above all else, we are not your average events management service. At Kingpin Events, we organise events and parties that combine meticulous planning with high end sophistication to emphasise wealth.

Our services cover the entire spectrum of lavish occasions. Possibly, an extravagant party to celebrate in exquisite style in a luxurious location is more you? If you are hoping for a wedding fit for the Queen, we’re on hand to deliver just that. Once again, leave it to us.
Perhaps your business or organisation wishes to hold a grand conference that will leave the competition green with envy. Prepare for their jealousy and respect as your ultimate event becomes the stuff of legend amongst the most prestigious social circles. We cover every type of event you can imagine, which gives us the slight edge. All with this same ethos of crafting something truly spectacular.

That’s what Kingpin ‘Luxury’ Events can offer you that no other events management service can, substance and prestige style all in one. Our events are always the biggest and brightest show in town, without ever sacrificing on the ‘highest of highest’ standards of professional event planning.

Your guests could be arriving to the sight of a red carpet lined with diamonds or a fairground ride, entertained by one of the biggest acts in the world, served up with award winning food and drinks. And treated to extravagant fireworks….and that’s just for starters!

Whether your event is intimate or majestic, personal or professional, Kingpin Events will make your gathering a once-in-a-lifetime deal. An overwhelming VIP exclusive event planning service, that has no limits to cater for your desires on that special occasion.

If you want to host an event in which the experience is as rich as the décor, call us today on 0345 305 2572.

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